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Ciarán Fenton's Prospectus 

In-House TOM: a new target operating model for law departments, law firms & the C-Suite

Modern Lawyer October 2020 Article
Inherent tension in-house: defusing the law department time bomb at a time of pandemic
by Ciarán Fenton  DOWNLOAD PDF:


Ciarán Fenton's #smallchange programe for Boards, Operating Boards, ExCos and Teams: Decision-Making Grid

Ciarán Fenton's keynote address to The Law Society of Ireland Annual  In-House and Public Sector Conference Thursday November 8th. 2018 Blackhall Place Dublin (SCRIPT  FORMAT)

GC role and purpose: a revolution, not evolution, is needed by business and society

October 2018 Edition of Modern Legal Practice published by Globe Law and Business 

Modern Legal Practice Flyer with Discount

Ciarán Fenton's

Small Change Programme for Boards Brochure Download

#ESG50 equal ROI/ESG ratios would lead to better boardroom decision-making

a paper presented by Ciarán FentonBoard Effectiveness Consultant guest speaker on the Masters in Sustainable Business Course

led by Prof. Filippo Dal Fiore Phd. School of Economics, Management & Statistics at The University of Bologna, Italy Rimini Campus 8th. March 2018

The Relationship Grid Download

This is a link to a post on LinkedIn which received over 15000 views and many comments. 

Would it be reasonable for a Martian to ask where were all the lawyers during the recent corporate scandals?

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