Ciarán Fenton

Leadership consultant 

The High EQ Board Programme

a leadership programme

for main and operating boards, & ExCos 


I facilitate boards to reduce risks

and increase opportunities

by stretching their decision-making behaviour

outside of their comfort zone and onto a higher level of collective leadership performance.























The behaviour of directors has a direct impact on profit, environment, society and governance (ESGP).


That behaviour comes under acute pressure at points of inflection: early stage; rapid growth; strategy decisions; poor financial quarters; post-M&A; post board evaluation; poor employee survey; new appointments; difficult personalities, amongst others.


The key impact of director behaviour is "board conduct" i.e. the behaviour of the board over time which is best measured in the quality of the decision-making of the board.














This programme sets out a process for directors to bring about change in themselves and others at these critical times.


This is not a “transformational change” programme, frequently promised and rarely delivered.


On the contrary, this is a tried and tested iterative process that relies on each individual director committing to a minimum of 10% change in their behaviour.


That requires changing only ten interactions in every hundred. That's small change. 


However, it’s hard to do. Sustainable behaviour change requires compromise and effort.  


The first step is not in demanding change in another. It's to change your behaviour first. Then you will notice how others change their behaviour toward you. 






















The incentive to change is:


  • the reciprocal change promised by peers

  • the securing of better personal and organisational outcomes

  • more fulfilling working lives


My approach, using emotional intelligence tools and models linked with organisation strategy theory, is to explore the inter-dependence between personal purpose, strategy and behaviour - Personal PSB - and organisational purpose, strategy and behaviour - Board PSB - over a period through 1-1, mediated and plenary interventions supporting participants in real-time to keep their promises with each other.



“Ciarán delivered much more than the 10% promised…” MH, CEO



If you want to know more please call me, Ciarán Fenton, on 07966168874 or email me at 




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Purpose, Strategy and Behaviour of each director (Personal PSB)

Purpose, Strategy and Behaviour of the company

(Company PSB)

Purpose, Strategy & Behaviour of the board (Board PSB)