One Day Personal Off-Site for Directors  


Directors need to get away and spend facilitated time together if they are to be effective. 


But boards are made up of individuals who also need facilitated personal time away from each other and from back to back meetings, in-boxes and to-do lists for at least a day to think, reflect, and reframe issues in order to make better career, relationship and business decisions. 


Board Effectiveness Reviews should be complemented with voluntary unpublished Director Effectiveness Reviews followed by supportive programmes to address issues arising. 


Typical personal off-site needs include:


  • career support: first hundred days in a new executive or non-executive role: feeling at a career-crossroads; needing to refresh personal purpose; thinking of leaving or the possibility of being asked to leave; thinking of launching a NED career; preparing for internal or external interviews; dealing with personal stress, tragedy or illness. 

  • relationship issues: I have developed a Director Relationship Grid to help directors manage their relationships better with themselves, their families, their investors, “bosses”, colleagues, “direct reports”, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. I help RAG each relationship - ie red, amber, green each one. Then I help them deal with the reds, prevent the ambers turning to red and help them to keep the greens, well, green. Managing annual reviews is often a key need. 

  • business issues: reframing business purpose, strategy and behaviour plans; family business issues; business ethics; launching a new business; organisation change; post M&A behaviour; improving deal flow - ie - selling better; preparing for a major speech, presentation or budget review. 




  • Preparation: context, issue analysis, plan 

  • Away Day: structured day using a tried and tested model

  • Follow up: third-party feedback check; decision support; tools 


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