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Monthly Online Webinars 

Most Mondays Series


Most Mondays is a series of blogs, podcasts, and webinars I’m writing and facilitating as the basis for a book I'm writing of the same name: Most Mondays: how to feel fulfilled at work most of the time.

I believe you need to know seven things to feel fulfilled at work most of the time:

⁃ yourself

⁃ what you need, not just want

⁃ how to sell yourself & your ideas

⁃ how organisations work

⁃ how to work, lead and follow

⁃ how to leave a job

⁃ how not to work most of the time

The first monthly webinar will be held 0830-1000 Monday 6th. December 2021. The topics will be tailored to the attendees.  

The cost is £150 incl. VAT and tickets are available here on Eventbrite: 

For more information please email me at to arrange an exploratory call. 


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