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My programmes have been designed by me using my experience advising senior leaders and their teams over many years. My programmes are based on looking at the world of work in a specific way and using three core principles:

Principle 1: People at work are unique small businesses, not human capital assets

Principle 2: Organisations are coalitions of  unique small businesses for brief periods

Principle 3: Small changes in individual behaviour can solve most leadership issues

In order to achieve any goals in business I have found that it can help to get people to consider their careers based on these principles. This allows them to consider what they want for themselves in their careers and to look at the overall goals for their team or business and to align them, because they are in fact, inter-dependent, in order to increase the chances of success. My programme focusses on the behavioural blocks to success we all carry but which are unique to each of us, according to our life story. It gives people the tools and understanding to change their behaviour and to uncover and utilise a hidden or underused behavioural asset. The programme also focusses on improving relationships within teams by ensuring that the goals of individual members are aligned and by facilitating new communication to achieve these goals.



  • Good advice: Sometimes robust, but always presenting choice
  • Break-through insights: Revealing under-exploited talent, exploiting innovative thinking
  • Accelerated change: Progress, not just activity
  • Conflict resolution: Truth and reconciliation; clear contracting of behaviours; legislating for the breach
  • Learn how to sell yourself or an idea: Clarifying need, demonstrating rather than asserting competence; closing the gap
  • Better relationship management: Managing and fixing reds, exploiting greens ; networking skills
  • Purposeful business and career planning: Business, organisational and sales/marketing plans; CVs and Biographies: I know how to write them