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My name is Ciarán Fenton.

(pron: kee-rawn)

I advise leaders and their teams how to apply emotional intelligence and business processes to self-management using my proprietary model “The Fenton Model" ® 1

I developed the model over ten years working with senior leaders and their teams in a wide variety of sectors. It has been used successfully by scores of chief executives, function leaders and non-executive directors. My view of the world of work is different from the mainstream. In my experience, the primary difficulty leaders face, stems from using outmoded models to solve 21st. century problems.

  • They continue to personify organisations as if they were more than just a legal entity. They're not.
  • They persist in viewing people at work as "human capital hires, direct reports and leavers"
  • They expect to succeed without the support they need and which talented people in music, the arts and sport take for granted

Viewing the world of work in this way led me to formulate the three core principles underpinning The Fenton Model ®

Principle 1: People at work are unique small businesses, not human capital assets
Principle 2: Organisations are coalitions of  unique small businesses for brief periods
Principle 3:  Small changes in individual behaviour can solve most leadership issues

The origins of my views on the world of work lie in my reaction to my family and school experiences in 1960's and 1970's Ireland and in my work experiences, first in Ireland and for the last 25 years, in the UK. In my earlier career I worked as a divisional leader in mainly large organisations. I was good at doing deals and enjoyed building relationships and networking. I relished challenging the status quo and I built a reputation  for leading organisational change linked to good commercial outcomes.

I also did a lot of "work" on myself. I read widely. Favourites include Fritz Perls, William Glasser, and Eckhart Tolle on human behaviour as well as Jim Collins and Daniel Goleman on business behaviour. And, crucially, I was fortunate to work for a period with highly skilled Gestalt psychotherapists on my own behaviour, a collateral benefit of which has been that I listen well which enables me to give valuable insight to my clients

The initial idea, that senior executives have unmet needs in managing their lives as leaders occurred to me when, in one of my corporate roles, I met Mark McCormack, founder of IMG and author of  "What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School".  I was fascinated by his model.  He advised some of the greatest names in sport on how best to manage their relationships. I wondered at the time if it were possible to transfer that model to support business leaders.

Some years later I was made redundant from a leadership role. I should have seen it coming but didn't. I realised I had not managed my career properly, and I had no advisers and no support structures in place. But also I knew that I was not alone in this. I devised a model, The Fenton Model, ® which reframes the world of work through the three core principles and links our outstanding behavioural weakness at work, whose origins are invariably in our formative years, with our hidden potential. I advise my clients on how they can unlock their potential through small changes in behaviour as well as providing them with the tools and support to achieve those changes, leading to better personal and organisational outcomes.

I decided to take the plunge and set up a business to address the needs my clients had.

I now advise leaders and teams in all sectors and at all major stages and career contexts: personal career crossroads/job finding; first 100 Days of a new role; start-ups; rapid growth and complex change environments; post-acquisition; and life after full-time work.

The model works, and I have testimonials from individuals and organisations large and small. I also write and blog about work, and I speak and facilitate at conferences, workshops and off sites.

Ciarán Fenton


1 The Fenton Model is a registered trade mark of Ciarán Fenton Limited.




  • The principles I use in my leadership programmes come from my own leadership experiences and from working with and advising scores of business leaders and professionals over many years.
  • Experiences are unique, even if similar. We are 1/7 billion in terms of our uniqueness. If leaders focus on this individuality, their own and others, they will have a greater chance of success and fulfilment.
  • If as, individuals, we make small changes in our behaviour we can do, and be, more. Changing just ten actions out of every hundred is 10% change.
  • That’s small change and, in aggregate, small changes can transform us, our careers and our organisations.
  • I have developed a model – The Fenton Model™ – and a suite of leadership programmes to reflect this view of the world and its application to deliver the personal and organisational change needed.